A Terranea Excursion

It has been an amazing weekend so far at Terranea, filled with sweet accommodations, jaw-dropping sights, tasty food, and more. Even though we thought we “knew” Terranea, we seemed to discover something new every time we turned a corner. A few highlights from the weekend include:

The unbelievable, “pinch-me” views from just about every spot on the property:

room with a view

The pancake topper bar that awaits you in the morning outside of Sea Beans:

pancake buffet

The amazing trails that wind through the resort, with 14 acres of  native plants covering the hillsides. If you’re lucky, especially on the weekends, you may spot a beautiful wedding.

terranea diptic

The majestic peregrine falcon that keeps the property seagull-free.


The flowers and blooms in a wide array of colors.

terranea flowersThe mind-boggling array of activities to keep you busy throughout the day (kayorkling, anyone?)


The cheery red kayaks that greet visitors when they hike down to the cove:

terranea kayaks

The gorgeous garden at mar’sel that provides fresh herbs and produce to the restaurant:

marsel garden

The endless fun to be had in the pool:


The firepits that kept us cozy, even with the cool ocean breezes at night:


And of course all of the friendly and helpful faces of the staff at every turn. This weekend is flying by way too fast. But Terranea, you’ll always have our heart!


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