Winter Swell 2014 Photo Contest

winter-swell-photo-contestSurf’s up! To celebrate the first winter swell of 2014, Downtown Manhattan Beach is holding a photo contest to showcase the best big wave photo.

To enter, take a winter swell photo and share it on the Downtown Manhattan Beach’s Facebook page or on Instagram with the hash tag #mbswell. To qualify, photos must be of the surf from somewhere between the El Porto jetty and the Redondo Beach break wall. Entries are open until January 29 (enter as many times as you like).

Once you enter, go to the Facebook page or to to vote for your picture or any picture you like the best. The photo receiving the most votes will win a Nikau Kai prize basket with a $50 gift certificate, a Nikau Kai hat, and a Nikai Kai t-shirt.

Winners will be announced at the Downtown Manhattan Beach site on February 8 at noon. Good luck and surf safe!


Waste to Waves

Did your holiday gifts come packed in Styrofoam? Don’t throw it away!

Image via Aquarium of Pacific

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach is partnering with a newly formed nonprofit surf organization, Sustainable Surf, to turn Styrofoam waste into surfboards. On January 14, the aquarium will host a foam collection drive to support Sustainable Surf’s Waste to Waves program. Through this program, expanded polystyrene, also known as plastic No. 6 or Styrofoam, will be recycled into eco-friendly surfboards.

According to Sustainable Surf, recycling the foam packaging into a surfboard eliminates 50 percent of the carbon emissions associated with manufacturing a surfboard. The new eco-friendly surfboard boasts the same performance and durability of a board made from virgin petrochemical materials.

Image via Aquarium of the Pacific

Not only does this program reduce the surfboard carbon footprint, but also it helps keep Styrofoam out of the ocean where it is frequently ingested by marine animals that mistake the tiny foam particles for food.

As part of the Sustainable Surf Waste to Waves campaign, people can also bring waste polystyrene foam to surf shops in California that have collection bins.

For more information, visit Aquarium of the Pacific or call 562-590-3100.