World Famous Pumpkin Race

Have you seen any decked-out pumpkins racing down hills recently? It must be October, because the World Famous Pumpkin Race is just around the corner and everyone’s getting their pumpkins in top racing form.

The 22nd Annual World Famous Pumpkin Race Festival is scheduled this year for Sunday, October 28. The festival begins with the Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk activities beginning at 8:00 am. Then, from noon to 6:30 pm at the Manhattan Beach Pier, it’s pumpkin racing time. The open qualifying rounds (single elimination) will take place from 1:00 to 4:00 pm and the semi-finals and finals will begin at 4:00 pm. Throughout the races you can enjoy family activities and Halloween-themed festivities.

New to the pumpkin races? All you need is a pumpkin, two axels, four wheels – and a little creative flair. You can make your pumpkin ahead of time (pumpkin race kits are available at Grow Produce for $20) or can buy the pumpkin racing kit on-site and get help installing the axels from a pit crew of experts at the RaceGenius booth. Then you just line up to race, wait for your heat, and let your pumpkin fly down the hill.

One last word of advice: Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to super-charge your pumpkin with a hidden turbo engine. The dreaded Mallet o’ Justice stands ready to bring Cheater Pumpkins down.

World Famous Pumpkin Race, Sunday, October 28 at the Manhattan Beach Pier, noon to 6:30 pm. See for more information.

Photos via World Famous Pumpkin Race


Pumpkin Race is ON!

It’s official: The world-famous Manhattan Beach Pumpkin Race is ON for October 30. That means it’s time to get your creative juices flowing and think of how to build the fastest possible, downhill-rolling pumpkin on wheels.

The pumpkin race, invented by a group of friends in Manhattan Beach in 1990, is a unique side-by-side single elimination race featuring handcrafted, decorated Pumpkin RaceCars. A Pumpkin RaceCar is made from a carved pumpkin with two independent axels and wheels attached – but beyond that, the pumpkins come in all different shapes, sizes and speeds. Watching these crazy pumpkin creations zip down Manhattan Beach Boulevard toward the pier has become a beloved Manhattan Beach tradition that attracts over 10,000 attendees each year.

This year, things had been looking grim for the Pumpkin Race, when in mid-August the organizers reluctantly announced that there would be no race this year due to the complicated logistics and expense of the massive production. But thanks to some behind-the-scenes negotiating, the race is back on and pumpkin racers are literally ready to roll.

Want to race a pumpkin? You’ll need an aerodynamic pumpkin, two axles, wheels, and some creative decorating skills. Manhattan Beach’s Grow Produce will make it easy for you: After October 15th you can go there and buy an instant pumpkin race kit – including the pumpkin. And if you’re not feeling mechanically inclined, the experts at the Race Genius Booth at the event site will sell you wheel and axle kits and will even help you put the whole thing together.

Get ready to race! And remember, pumpkin fans, cheaters never prosper.

The Pumpkin Race will be held at the Manhattan Beach Pier from noon to 6:30 pm on October 30. For more information, see