Dog Beach in RPV

Updated 4/5/12: The PV City Council has voted to rescind the plan for the dog beach pilot program. See the PV Patch story here.

Most dogs love the beach – almost as much and sometimes even more than people – except there are very few places in L.A. County where they can enjoy it. But Rancho Palos Verdes is getting close to having the one place in the South Bay where dogs can (legally) enjoy their time in the sun.

At the moment, the beach at the base of the public walking paths below Trump National Golf Course is widely used by dogs and their owners. Although it’s not technically allowed, owners openly walk their dogs on the beaches down there without getting ticketed. (The beach was recently deeded to the city by the Trump organization.)

Earlier this week, the city of Rancho Palos Verdes moved a step closer to making this an official dog beach. The City Council voted to direct its staff to work toward a 12-month pilot program and permit system that would make it legal for dogs to enjoy the beach.  Possible outcomes could include special times for dogs, or a fence that separates dogs and people. The city will also begin enforcing leash laws in parking lots and on the trails leading down to the beach.

Personal note: The South Bay Sparkle family doesn’t own dogs, yet we have always loved the beach there, and our kids get a big kick out of watching the dogs have their day in the sun. So, for the record, these non-dog-owners are happy to see the city working on plans for an “official” dog beach.

Worth noting: The City Council reports that, “Based on the input received to date, there is strong support from the general public for off-leash dog use at RPV Beach.”

To view the full city council agenda item, click here [.pdf].